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March 7, 2018 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Samsung just released the new Samsung 9 and 9+ Indeed, the 25th of February in Barcelona, just the day before the opening of the Mobile World Congress which takes place in the Catalonia capital city, Samsung releases it’s new gadget.

The latest smartphone from the Korean Giant is not really innovative at the first look. Indeed, the shape of the Galaxy S9 is almost the same as it’s predecessor and the improvements are located inside the device.


A whole new camera

“The revolutionary camera adapts like the human eye”. This is what Samsung says on its website. The new camera included in the Galaxy S9 would be able to adapt various lighting conditions like the human eye. A feature that allows users of the phone to take pictures in low light like daylight. The F1.5 aperture mode opens the lens to pull in light, then you can end up with a brighter and clearer picture. However, with the 2.4 aperture mode, you can shoot extremely sharp pictures.

A new feature: The next level slow motion: The “Super Slow-mo”. This slow motion can shoot up to 960 frames per second thanks to the enhanced speed sensor. The Super Slow-Mo is also capable of detecting the right moment with Motion Detection, you end up with the perfect Slow Mo at the first try. This sensor allows you to catch the perfect moment in a video and exploit it. With Instant Edit, social media lovers will enjoy to play with the Slow Mo Editor and share it with their friends after.

With all those new features, the new Galaxy S9 doesn’t have anything to envy it’s competitor: The iPhone X.


New Performances  

With their new baby, Samsung promises us a totally new audio experience. The smartphone comes with stereo speakers powered by AKG, the same brand that produces the earphones included in the Galaxy S8, S8+, S9, and S9+. You dispose of a sound 1.4x more powerful than their previous phones. A news that would delight customers who use their phone speakers often.

The other new audio feature is Dolby Atmos, this new audio dimension “surrounds you with three-dimensional sound, putting you at the center of a theater-like experience.





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