About Us

Our Vision

At Dispatch Weekly, we envision a world informed by knowledge, where truth dismantles barriers and ignites progress. We believe in the power of information to shape the future, today.

Our Mission

To illuminate the path to this future, Dispatch Weekly specializes in cutting-edge international news, focusing on breakthroughs in technology, pivotal health discoveries, scientific advancements, and the cultural shifts shaping our society. Through incisive and forward-thinking journalism, we strive to bring the innovations of tomorrow into the conversations of today.

Our Values

Integrity, curiosity, and inclusivity guide us. We dive deep to uncover the truth, driven by a passion for knowledge and an unwavering commitment to factual reporting. Our team, led by Editor-in-Chief David Lintott, is a diverse group of dedicated professionals and freelancers who bring a wide range of perspectives and expertise to our work. Together, we stand with those who seek to inform, challenge, and inspire.

Who We Are

Dispatch Weekly is more than a news agency; we are a community of journalists, thinkers, and visionaries. Our editorial team, headed by David Lintott, specializes in covering the vital intersections of technology, health, science, and culture. Our roots in international journalism provide a broad canvas for our narratives, allowing us to connect global innovations with local impacts.

Independence and Integrity

We pride ourselves on our independence and integrity. Free from the influence of advertisers and external funders, we answer only to our readers and our conscience. Our content is crafted with care and conscience, ensuring that every piece we publish meets our high standards of quality and relevance.

How We Work

Our work is fueled by curiosity and the pursuit of truth. We believe in journalism that makes a difference—stories that not only inform but also challenge and engage. Our editorial process is rigorous, with each article undergoing thorough review and refinement to ensure accuracy, clarity, and impact.

Trust and Transparency

Transparency is at the heart of what we do. We are committed to ethical journalism, adhering to strict standards of accuracy and accountability. Our readers trust us to deliver news that matters, and we take this responsibility seriously. If mistakes occur, we are committed to prompt corrections, valuing honesty above all.

Supporting Dispatch Weekly

As a reader-supported platform, Dispatch Weekly thrives on the contributions of our audience. By supporting us, you help sustain our mission to deliver impactful journalism. Your support enables us to explore deeper, reach further, and report without compromise.

Get Involved

We welcome partnerships, contributions, and the vibrant exchange of ideas. If you’re passionate about contributing to the future of news with Dispatch Weekly, we’d love to hear from you. Together, we can create a narrative that’s not only informative but transformative.

For partnership opportunities, contributions, or to join our team, please contact [email protected]. Let’s make history together.

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DW Staff

David Lintott is the Editor-in-Chief, leading our team of talented freelance journalists. He specializes in covering culture, sport, and society. Originally from the decaying seaside town of Eastbourne, he attributes his insightful world-weariness to his roots in this unique setting.