Ukraine Wants to Use 360 Degree Military HoloLens for Tanks - Dispatch Weekly

November 3, 2016 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Ukraine wants to use military HoloLens helmets from Limpid Armor to increase tank visibility, instead of relying on exterior cameras.

How Does the HoloLens Helmet Work?

The Circular Review System helmet is a HoloLens headset that creates a mixed reality view for the diver.

Tank crews have a 360-degree view of what is in front of the tank and the display is also available in infrared. The CRS tags enemies and allies, targets, feeding critical information to the tank crew in life or death situations.

Limpid Armor Showcased at the Arms and Security Show

Limpid Armor is a circular review system for armored vehicles consisting of helmet with integrated Microsoft HoloLens glasses.

The helmet was shown at the Arms and Security show in Kiev but still needs to be field tested outside the lab.

However, the Ukrainian military has showed interest in a time where tensions on Russia’s Crimean peninsula have mounted.

Facts about HoloLens

Photo Credit: Microsoft HoloLens
Photo Credit: Microsoft HoloLens
  • The Microsoft HoloLens is the first self-contained, holographic computer, which helps you engage with digital contact whilst interacting with the holograms around you.
  • The Microsoft HoloLens is an augmented reality headset where images appear as 3D objects that enable the user to manipulate these objects. This will have a huge impact on gaming and entertainment technologies.
  • Other functions include: camera taking for pictures and videos, binaural audio, sensors and speakers.

Will HoloLens be Used by the Military in the Future?

Sergio Ortega Cruz from the Worldwide Industry Solution Manager for Public Safety, National Security & Defense at Microsoft has written an article on how HoloLens could develop military aides in the future.

Uses could include: locating and repairing aircraft, assembling military equipment without manuals and direct instructions from commanders through headgear.

This will prove invaluable in battle where communication and co-ordination is vital to successful outcomes.

Do you think HoloLens will be used by the armed forces of the future? Will it be useful in saving?

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