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June 16, 2016 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is going through another round of price cuts with the entry level Windows 10 tablet now costing just $822.70.

The latest price cuts by major online and brick and mortar retailers follows a wave of discounts that were offered earlier this year when Surface Pro 4 prices were reduced by as much as $250. While the entry level Surface Pro 4 may not offer you much performance and savings, the higher spec’ed Surface Pro 4 promise you both.

Consider the case of Intel Core i5 powered Surface Pro 4 featuring 256 GB storage, and 8 GB RAM; this variant is now available for $1,125.99 (discount of $173.01 on or the Intel Core i7 powered Surface Pro 4 with 256 GB storage and 8 GB RAM which costs $1,390 after a discount of $209. Both these tablets carry impressive specifications as well as discounts anyone seriously looking to buy the Surface Pro 4 should definitely think of one of these.

The other variants and available discounts are as follows:

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (256 GB, 16 GB RAM, Intel Core i7e) – $1,643.97 (Discount of $155.03)
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (512 GB, 16 GB RAM, Intel Core i7e) – $1,963.51 (Discount of $235.49)
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (1 TB, 16 GB RAM, Intel Core i7e) – $2,400.00 (Discount of $299.00)

While the discounts are definitely impressive, there will be greater price cuts in the future as and when Surface Pro 5 will make an entry into the tablet scene. Currently there is no official word from Microsoft about Surface pro 5, but according to reports from Redmond’s supply chain the Surface Pro 4 successor will most likely be released sometime next year.

Initial reports indicated a possible late-2016 release for Surface Pro 5, but those reports were quickly ruled out by industry experts for Surface Pro 4 is still going on strong and launching a Surface Pro 5 at such a time will be entirely wrong.

Then came reports that Surface Pro 5 will be powered by Intel SkyLake processor and so will be Surface Book 2. But now there are reports indicating that both the new gadgets will be powered by Intel’s KabyLake processors that have been pegged as highly optimized for productivity on the go – specifically the battery life angle. Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2 are both expected to feature a 4K screen and we could even see an increase in the screen size of the Surface Pro 5 at 13.3-inches.

Just to give you an idea of what increased battery juice means – if reports are to be believed, you will be able to watch three movies back to back on your Surface Pro 5 i.e. a battery life of at least 6 hours. If you are going to carry out regular computing tasks, the battery will last much longer.

As far as the prices are concerned, we won’t be seeing steep launch prices and you could expect the prices to be at the same levels as Surface Pro 4 when it was initially released. Starting prices could be anywhere between $899 to $950 with the top end variants costing upwards of $2,200. Check out the discounts on Surface Pro 4 on

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