Surface Pro 4 discounts reach new high; prices reduced by up to $344 - Dispatch Weekly

July 16, 2016 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 discounts have reached a new high with the flagship tablet from the Windows 10 maker receiving price cuts of up to 19 per cent.

We have spotted the huge discounts on just recently and as there have been no official price cuts from Microsoft in this range it is possible that retailers on Amazon are getting rid of their stock – a sign of possible announcement of a successor – Surface Pro 5. We have seen price cuts in the past, but this time around they are huge as some of the most powerful variants of Surface Pro 4 are being sold for as slow as $1,854 instead of the retail price of $2,199.

Consider the case of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 powered by Intel Core i7 with 512GB storage and 16GB RAM. This normally retails at around $2200 mark; however, because of the latest price cut the tablet is now available for just $1,854.28. If you are looking for something below the $1,000 mark, then the only choice earlier was the entry level Surface Pro 4. However, the latest price cut offers you the chance to grab a Surface Pro 4 powered by Intel Core i5 with 128GB storage and 4GB RAM for just $805.50 + shipping. Even the top end variant of the Surface Pro 4 with 1TB storage, 16GB RAM and Intel Core i7 processor has received a price cut and it is available for $2,549.

One of the reasons behind the price cuts could be, as we mentioned earlier, clearing of the inventory to make room for a new tablet. However, that seems almost unlikely for there has been no indication from Microsoft that they are going to announce a Surface Pro 4 successor anytime soon. This leaves us to the option of Microsoft offering Surface Pro 4 to retailers at discount prices to get rid of its stockpiles of the tablet and this in turn has prompted retailers to pass on the savings to consumers.

If you are looking to buy a Surface Pro 4, now is the time as we haven’t seen such huge discounts for the tablet till date.

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