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November 24, 2016 - Reading time: 9 minutes

Motorola recently launched VerveCam+, a wearable camera that incorporates a sociable and live-streaming filming experience. This is one of the products from the VerveLife range, including a pet tracker and wireless headphones.

This is part of Motorola’s ambitions to expand into the accessories market, with the VerveLife+ described as a “lifestyle” camera.

The wireless VerveCam allows consumers to live broadcast videos, sharing them whilst on the go. The product will be available to buy in March 2017. By downloading the ‘Hubble Connect for VerveLife,’ app, you can manage the camera whilst seeing videos live as they are being taken.

Overview of the Product

Photo Credit: VerveCam
VerveCam box and camera

At $199 the VerveCam captures up to 90 minutes of video with a built-in stabilizer, limiting shake.

The motion video QHD 2.5K can be used in water up to 30m depths (IP67 waterproof rating) and includes an IP68 waterproof sports case.

The camera can use a smartphone as a viewfinder and includes pan/tilt features with a 138-degree field of view. 4 accessories included are: waterproof housing, universal mount, bumper & lanyard and clip mount.

Integrated Wi-Fi allows 2.5k videos at 30fps to be streamed straight to YouTube. Features include: shooting photos, loops and slow motion and time lapses.

Unique Selling Point

Small light-weight camera
Small lightweight camera

Frank Durden, Chief Marketing Officer of Binatone said, “VerveCam is for busy and digitally social people. Live streaming is an important and big part of what the camera can do.”

He explained that the camera would allow users to start taking videos of everyday and special moments, in the same way that people take photos.

“We imagine this is the sort of thing that you have with you all the time. You can share what is interesting to your circle of friends and family, sharing it on Facebook and in real time.”

Unlike the GoPro camera that is typically used to record extreme sports, the VerveCam+ allows users to carry it with them daily, capturing unexpected and interesting instances.

Usability and Installing the App

Downloading the VerveCam app and connecting to WiFi with the 00000000 password was simple. However, once cellphone and camera recognised each other, the connection kept stalling.


Taking photos on the camera was easy, however, for both iPhone (i0S 7) and Android (4.3 and higher), there were issues when using the camera. The Wi-Fi kept cutting out and the video froze.

Sharing the video on YouTube also posed as a challenge due to YouTube not being mobile friendly.




The average consumer may ask, “do I really need another camera?” and “what does it offer that my cellphone doesn’t?”

For a start, it’s a small, lightweight and waterproof up to 30m. It has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, with time-lapse photo and live streaming ability.

For vloggers, social media obsessives and Snapchat lovers, this camera allows you to use the Wi-Fi enabled camera with your smartphone to effortlessly edit photos and videos, live-streaming videos straight onto YouTube, Facebook and Periscope.

This straight to social media device takes out the hassle of over-editing, getting a more candid take on real everyday moments.

For tech enthusiasts and social media lovers, the Vervecam+ is flexible and casual, allowing you to carry the camera and shoot in non-traditional ways. The device is a handy addition to a more action-based story telling experience, although the average consumer may question whether the price and features are worth it. Also, there are Wi-Fi connectivity problems when using the camera, which should be improved by the time it’s on sale.



  • Clear audience in mind: Social influencers, sports and fitness enthusiasts and vloggers
  • Easy to carry: Small, lightweight camera that comes with 4 useful accessories.
  • Special features: Shooting photos, loops and slow motion and time lapses.
  • Share video straight to YouTube for an immediate experience
  • Shoot underwater up to a depth of 30m



  • Price: At $199 this could exclude general enthusiasts
  • Syncing: From cellphone to app takes time and patience (should improve by sales date)
  • LiveStreaming: Setting up livestreaming is not straight-forward and there are connectivity issues
  • Wi-Fi: Loses connection easily

Would I Recommend the Motorola VerveCam+?

For those wanting a permanent and more professional looking immediate video experience to download onto YouTube, this is a neat product. It has many features to play with to mix up storytelling.

The lightweight camera ensures you can film most events without worrying about excess gear. Motorola is in the early stages of developing their accessories range. In time, prices may decrease and features improve. For the general consumer, watch this space.

Are you interested in the Motorola VerveCam+? How do you think wearable technology will change how we interact with each other?

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