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July 17, 2018 - Reading time: 5 minutes

Cooking and eating healthy has never been a simple household task, like brushing your teeth or washing the dishes. Cooking meals that are both healthy and balanced in nutrients can become more of a burden than anything.

When attempting to eat healthily it requires; plenty of planning, hours of testing out various dishes (and a messy kitchen!) and a good deal of walking up and down aisles of food stores, hoping for an ingredient that might have some use to you.

Whether you’re a university student tackling the task of cutting down the amount of frozen pizzas you have. Or even an individual that is trying the ‘new year, new me’ ordeal – Recidex can help you save hours and make the healthy life transition a whole lot easier.

Recidex is an exciting company that, ‘aims to be the central hub of all of this food content’. Recidex can either be used online via a desktop or through a smartphone/tablet via the application. Recidex gives users the opportunity to go out and search for various recipes online through blogs and import them back into the application. Users can then organise the recipes into collections, such as Sunday breakfasts or quick dinners, for example.

Currently, there is a rise in the number of independent chefs joining the ‘blog revolution’ where cooks share their favourite and new recipes with food fans and critics. This opening in the market paved way for a new opportunity, and it’s Recidex that capitalised on it.


The inspiration behind the development of Recidex is probably why the application is so practical. The developer, Robinson Greig, simply wanted to start eating healthily like so many others. However, he had to spend hours searching and bookmarking recipes, and when it came to shopping for the ingredients, he’d have to switch between websites. It was all just a bit of a mess.

Among all this mayhem, Greig discovered a basic consumer problem that hadn’t been fully looked into, hence the introduction of Recidex. And it’s this principle that gives Recidex so much potential moving forward because every other person attempting the same healthy diet is presented with the same problem.

They are currently working with over 150 blog/food websites. With the increasing number of ‘chef bloggers’ signing up and entering this market – Recidex can be very encouraged and look forward to the future that this company has. Whether it’s getting more blog websites on board or even featuring a celebrity blogger, there are plenty of approaches Recidex can take.

Recidex provides the platform for users to save their favourite blogger’s recipes. However, what comes next is what’s so intuitive about them. From there, you can either, ‘discover related recipes, or add several recipes to your grocery list when you’re headed to the store’.

Users will be shown recipes that align with their current interests and will be inspired by bloggers they might never have heard of – this is the intuitive side of Recidex. Having the option to have all the ingredients from your selected recipes collated into one place is the practical side. And it’s this feature that can certainly save you money and time on your food shop.

Presently, Recidex is in open beta – allowing the public to give feedback so that they can improve and further tailor it to the market at hand. Recidex is also open to the prospect of partnering, yet again showing the ambition and drive to further this company into this ever-growing market.

With a continuously existing customer base of healthy eaters, Recidex have found a way to make the whole process of eating healthy a whole lot easier. The so-called, ‘blog revolution’ presents Recidex with various opportunities in the future, and it will be interesting to see what direction Recidex go next.

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