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March 14, 2018 - Reading time: 3 minutes

The new trendy game  If you haven’t heard about Fortnite, it’s maybe that you are over 25 or that you live in a basement. Indeed, this game has become a phenomenon in the past 4 months and have already reunited 3.4 million concurrent players.

Basically, the game is a Battle Royale. You land on an island with 99 other players, and the goal is to survive. In order to do that you have to collect weapons and resources to build shelters and protect yourself in order to become the last man standing to win the game. Recently Epic Games, the developers of the game, released the console adaptation of the game which was only available on a computer before.



The players could be threatened

Indeed, the 45 million of player’s game could be the target of hackers trying to steal their accounts. Recently some players have reported that their accounts had been compromised. Hackers apparently bought currencies in the game with the payments details saved on the Fortnite game accounts.

The recent data breaches had given to hackers lists of possible passwords for different services. Hackers then could have tried them on the Fortnite platform. Epic Games says that all the players who have been hacked should report to their customer service immediately, according to them the methods of the thieves are also “well known”. Everyone hopes that they are going to get rid of these issues shortly.


The Game is always renewed 

One of the strengths of the game is that the developers are constantly adding new content like weapons, gadgets, and buildings to the game for free. The diversity and the evolution must be something that interest people to play this game.

The second thing that had democratized this game is the release of the console versions in additions to the fact that the Battle Royale game mode is free on all platforms. If you do want to pay to access the full Fortnite game right now, you can pick up the Standard (£34.99), Deluxe (£49.99), Super Deluxe (£74.99) or Limited Edition (£119.99) of Fortnite right now from the Epic Games website.

Finally, the last innovation of this game is the cross-console availability. This means that players on different devices can now play together. For instance, if you play Fortnite on PS4 you can also play with your friends that are on Xbox, computer or phone (what you could already do with the new cloud computer “Shadow“).

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