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March 1, 2019 - Reading time: 13 minutes

We have received an overwhelming number of emails regarding Blue Trading which mentioned ii investments aka i2 investments which folded in 2017 deploying the same technique. was a total scam, like blue trading they claimed a drawdown loss and immediately discontinued trading. was registered and bought in 2017, it took 1 year to build it. Scammers were very smart, they removed their i2 traces off wayback machine and also installed robot.txt to cloak against robot and people from accessing their data and website so they can disappear later.

They started their marketing in early 2018, buying SEO articles and reviews to boost their ranking and reputation.

They did the same with awards and fake certifications from fake companies:

See certificate from if you try to visit the site you get this warning message: The owner of has configured their web site improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this web site.

All the awards were fake too, how can you get nominated for best-managed accounts when you only started trading in 2017?

During their trading operation, blue trading refused to put its real registered office and company identity. There is no company registration and no real entity.

Like I2investment Blue Trading displayed fake traders on their website to encourage customers to invest more seeing just how well the investment was performing.

Here is evidence of a Ethereum and Monero trade that should have resulted into greater losses:

ETH dropped -15% and there was no loss made? They clearly generated fake statements without even checking trades properly:

When I2investment folded they apparently used a UK shelf company to mask their real entity which was a totally different name and company etc.

Achim Bonninghaus is the owner of which is a fiduciary office that Blue Trading used to create a company with bank account in Germany. They possibly couldn’t know the intention of the owners “Jevgenijs Bogdanovs” but they facilitate the creation of Stronit company (maybe company was purchased as off the shelves or already made) and we suspect they might be in possession of more facts and details about Blue Trading perpetrators.

Most of the funds were transferred to a Postal Bank address owned by an IT company, not to a financial institution.

Importantly, bluetrading used 3rd party myfxbook, like i2, who misused algotradesoft’s account to scam people.

We found a post on where an anonymous whistleblower states: “If you ask why am I frustrated? because these fellows came from Malaysia, most of them are from Malaysia! I have many friends and peers being connected by these people, so raising awareness about internet marketing scam by these fellas to help traders to prevent another pitfall and increase their due diligence process.”

At Dispatch Weekly we care about the scam victims and we have been asked to create a Google form to collect names and details about all victims, please fill this form if you have been affected by Blue Trading and Onyx Capital fraud.

We have also tried to raise awareness in other news publications but we are getting these sort of answers: “This situation you’ve exposed is really unfortunate. We’re glad your news team is investigating. Sadly, we receive similar requests and we are unable to put the necessary time and resources into discovering all of the pertinent facts because we have a very small team. We always urge victims to report these scenarios to local and federal authorities that are far better equipped with the manpower to do a thorough investigation and take action to the full extent of the law. We wish your reader lots of luck!

Cheers, Daily Hodl Team”

Let’s hope we can get to the bottom of this latest scam!

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