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June 8, 2017 - Reading time: 10 minutes

Marketing automation is becoming a can’t-live-without tool for business and marketing today. Whether you’re a blogger, PR agent, entrepreneur, global team, startup, ecommerce store, or a mixture of any of the above, choosing the right software to invest in for your brand is a tricky decision. Here are some of the best marketing automation companies on the market to suit all needs.

Best for Online Stores / Ecommerce


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Ontraport is an all-in-one marketing and business automation software specializing in small businesses and start ups. In 2014, Ontraport was named on America’s Most Promising Companies List by Forbes.

Perfect if:

You’re an online business or ecommerce entrepeneur who uses a subscription widget to create an email list for newsletters, but also has excel and csv files with contacts you’d like to upload.

You’re looking to stop wasting time putting together emails, and following up when they haven’t been opened.

You want a personal newsletter for your customers.

How Ontraport meets your needs:  An all-in-one tool that allows you to manage your website, subscribers, order forms, purchases, newsletters and more.


  • Build a custom order and upsell form
  • Safely automate your payment process
  • Create campaigns and customize with triggers, goals and actions
  • Build beautiful webpages easily in seconds
  • Automate your marketing campaigns to follow your leads and nurture loyal customers

Best for Blogs and Subscription Widget Users

Mail Chimp

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Mail Chimp’s tagline says, “Build your brand. Sell more stuff,” and that’s exactly what they’ve helped millions of users do. Mail Chimp is best suited to bloggers and online publications.

Perfect if:

You’re a blogger, online journal, online magazine, or similar platform that grows their email list through a subscription widget.

You send out frequent information on events, new posts, advice, products, and more.

Followers subscribe to your newsletters expecting regular, eye catching updates.

Why Mail Chimp Meets Your Needs: MailChimp focuses on helping you grow your following. They have easy to use, eye-catching templates for automated newsletters. Moreover, their advanced analytics give easy-to-understand data about your performance, identifying best practices. Lastly, MailChimp can assist you in creating quick Facebook and Instagram campaigns to expand your following.


  • Multi-user accounts
  • Flexible design templates
  • Easy-to-use mobile options on the go
  • Automatic integration with apps you already use
  • Clear data and analytics

Best for PR Companies and Sending Mass Press Releases


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Photo Credit:’s goal is to increase the reach and impact of your story. Using’s software your team can move into the digital age whilst saving time on repetitive tasks and increasing productivity.

Perfect if:

You are a PR team  that sends a large number of emails a day promoting press releases for clients.

You have massive contact lists in multiple formats that you frequently contact about collaborations.

You need to get your story out to as many people as possible to build your clients’ brand.

Why meets your needs: With, you can upload your contact lists, saving them to your account, and send bulk press releases daily to your contacts of choice. Your stories can be customised with templates, and will be saved to your newsroom. Once your link is sent out, your recipients can click on your story and view it in your newsroom, along with anything else you have there that you want them to see. Once your emails are sent, track their progress using analytics then target specific data with more, personalized emails.


  • Publish stories, clippings, releases, and more to your newsroom for your email recipients to browse.
  • Easily share your newsroom posts with your contact lists
  • Track your releases’ performance with clear analytics
  • Schedule your releases’ for the optimal time
  • Use user flows to manage your editorial workflow: approval workflow, user assignments, etc.
  • Have multiple newsrooms to separate clients / areas

Best for “Cold Emails”


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Mail Jet helps you take control of your email strategy and accelerate your business with marketing and transactional emailing.

Perfect if:

You are looking to send “cold emails” in bulk to contact lists in search for collaborations, partnerships, or marketing, purposes.

You need to send out mass emails and be able to receive responses from your inbox.

You want to track email performance and target unopened emails with automated follow-ups.

Why MailJet meets your needs: Making email marketing automation simple, Mailjet provides basic to aggressive email automation with multiple price packages available. It allows you to upload contacts lists from csv or subscription widgets. Your emails can be basic text/HTML or customized, eye-catching templates.


  • Send 200 emails / day on a free package plan
  • Test different email versions with a sample size of recipients before sending the to the mass list
  • Statistics show blocked, bounced, unsubscribed, spam, unopened, and more
  • Create automated “Welcome” emails to new subscribers
  • Choose a sender email and a different reply email
  • Choose any activated email address to act as sender




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