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June 19, 2020 - Reading time: 4 minutes

Amazon Posts expands Amazon’s ever-expanding repertoire of products, services and services with a feed based on the shopping experience.

Amazon Posts will be released in beta in 2019 and will be a new brand discovery, and here’s what the program is and how brands should push it. Articles can be found in a category – based post feed – with corresponding contributions that are fed directly from the Product Details page (PDP). Lifestyle and brand images appear in the feed, along with product details, product descriptions and other information about each product.

Essentially, the feed creates a brand-driven shopping experience directly from the Amazon.com domain. Amazon wants advertisers to engage with its new brand experience, and it makes it extremely easy for brands to get started. Using a combination of the PPD site and Amazon’s own brand discovery tools, Amazon has enabled any brand that already creates content to upload content directly to Amazon to participate in the posts.
To further promote participation, Amazon is offering free placements (at least for the time being), and brands should use this free time now.

To make your contribution to the next level, test creative deviations from other brands with certainty to see the appeal to your customers.

An important consideration to keep in mind is that each post is displayed as a related PDP, which means that competitors can display it on your page next to one of your products. To protect their own PDP from competing brands, brands should consider launching a campaign if they have viable existing content. If Amazon can make this experience an experience that shoppers are interested in, it is likely to be monetized.

On the one hand, users are aware that the platform is primarily used for shopping, not for social engagement. If you’re looking for a paid social platform, Amazon doesn’t offer social engagement.

With these two differences in mind, it is worth testing both ad variants, and with free ad placement, there is usually an exchange – off between the two. This is because the ads are much more likely to appear with competitors than on Amazon’s website and other sites.
For Amazon Posts, the trade-off is a limited way to evaluate the target performance. Amazon categorizes ads by brand, with a category tag marking the Post Office brand.

Advertisers get an insight into the revenue per order, making it easier to understand how each placement contributes to the overall business. With each click, Amazon informs about the placement, the implementation of the internship and the location of the post office in the area.

Amazon has long been a transaction site where consumers can quickly get something at a lower price. In recent years, Amazon has made efforts to change consumer behaviour by letting brands tell their stories by sponsoring beta and other programs. The biggest challenge with Amazon Posts is to change buying behaviour, and that is inherent in the challenge of creating a post.

If Amazon fails to nativize this component and integrate it into the shopping experience, brands will have limited opportunities to connect with potential customers. While brands have created social content, adding Amazon contributions to the channel mix could mean extra work but also extra exposure and more sales.

Looking at the bigger picture, Amazon is investing in the brand’s shopping experience on its platform. While current costs are free, don’t expect to gain much insight into the driving force of engagement or revenue, but take advantage of the creative and learning opportunities as long as you don’t pay for them. The posting is an asset to watch as it provides additional features and opportunities for buyers to get involved.

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