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January 15, 2018 - Reading time: 6 minutes

2017 has been a huge year for innovation and creation in the technology sector, which has had a huge impact on our lifestyle. You can’t hide anymore from new digital trends and must adapt to this new way of living and work.

Contrary to the general opinion, the use of new technologies are not reserved for computer scientists or software professionals but can be accessed by everyone. You just need to make the first step and adapt. In a business prospect, these technologies help people to find solutions to genuine issues with the help of innovations.

The understanding of these 5 new innovations must be a priority if you don’t want to miss out on the advancement of mankind.

Smart and connected objects

Nowadays, you can find a huge amount of “smart” items on the market. Indeed, fridge, thermostat, cars, watches can now be connected to the internet. Samsung has even launched a “Smart Home Kit” which allows you to control the lights, temperature, cleaning robots and to be aware of whats going on in your house with connected sensors.

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The Samsung “Smart Home”

Intel predicts that there will be around 200 billion of connected objects by 2020. This huge amount of connected devices suggest that it will help us through our daily life. This increase is a big opportunity for engineers and scientist which manage to produce goods and services using this data.

Big data 

“Big data” is what we call the huge increase in the amount of data (doubling every two years) in societies. This data is stored in big data centres which requires a huge amount of energy and large infrastructure.

These skyrocketing stats are due to the way we use services like Facebook, Emails or Instagram (For instance, every second 900,000 people click on Facebook and 3,5 million are searching something on Google). Every time we use these types of services, it requires data to be created and stored in data centres. The exploitation of this data is becoming easier and is a way for businesses to predict trends, conduct marketing campaign and improve their prospects.

The rise of Artificial Intelligence

Since Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been created, it continues to grow and AI creations are becoming more and more intelligent and powerful. AI already has impressive features in 2017 find more here. Today, AI can be designed for only one task (specialized) or several tasks (generalized). A Software like this is able to learn and access all globally available data, this is what makes them so close to having an “intelligence”. Artificial Intelligence is capable of recognizing objects or hold a conversation. The sure thing is that knowledge and competence in this sector will be very valuable in 2018.

Talking devices

Keyboard, panels or mouses are no longer the only way we can interact with machines. You can now talk to them. Indeed the act of asking something to a voice assistant is something that became natural. Google launched “Google Home”. It allows users to talk to the voice assistant and ask it a huge range of possibility like the traffic on the road, make a google search or play some music.

Prediction says that 30% of the online search would be made through devices without a screen. Those talking machine will also transform the way you work at the office, with functionality like schedule managing or multitasking. Amazon even started “Alexa for business”. Talking machine could also become a language-capable marketing tool.

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You can only discover the tiny new voice assistant from Google here.

The new way of storage and information transmission: Blockchain 

The BlockchainYked together. All this process is secured by a key private cryptography. Blockchain appeared with the creation of the bitcoin in 2008, it’s a huge innovation. Indeed, it can work as a record where everything is stored on many computers of the network and everybody has access to it. This could transform assets transaction systems or data record system. Skills in this domain will be highly demanded in the years that come.

2018 will be a year full of transformation and innovations. Those need to be followed closely by business owner or workers if they want to evolve and surf on the digital waves.

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