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August 10, 2016 - Reading time: 5 minutes

Zoella’s manager, Dominic Smales, who also represents fashion and beauty YouTube vlogger, Tanya Burr, Sprinkle of Glitter and Caspar Lee, has said that brands can insist on “too much control,” and their audiences are starting to notice.

He said that YouTube stars and influencers want to please the brand, “the audience has realised that it is slightly more scripted than it would normally be.”

This is damaging for influencers such as Zoella (@Zoella) because it is their honesty that attracts an audience in the first place.

The Brand Zoella

Zoella (@zoella, 11m followers), 26, is one of the best examples of how social media can convert into a full time career, leading to Girl Online, by Zoella Sugg, published by Penguin and a beauty range, Zoella Tutti Fruity Range, available at Superdrug and online.

She is also well networked within the social media world as her good friend Tanya Burr (@tanyaburr, 4.5m followers ) have joined forces in many lifestyle and beauty tips vlogs.

Social Networks and Net worth

With her boyfriend, Alfie Deyes (@PointlessBlog, 5.3 m followers) they are known online as ‘Zalfie’ and often make an appearance on each other’s blogs to viewers delight.

She is estimated to earn $65,000 a month and in eight months leading up to 2014 she supposedly earned $520,000. She is predicted to have a net worth of $3.5m.

Currently she lives in a five-bedroom mansion in Hove with her YouTuber boyfriend Alfie Deyes, which is valued at $1.3m.

She has made vlogs with other vlogger stars such as: Pewdiepie, Joe Sugg, Troye Sivan, Alfie Deyes and Tyler Oakley.

Zoella Blog, Snapchat and Style

Zoella started her lifestyle and beauty blog in 2009 and later expanded to a YouTube channel and another YouTube channel, MoreZoella.

As social media networks have increased, she has also joined Twitter (@Zoella, 5.7m followers) Snapchat and Instagram (@zoella, 9m followers) and Pinterest (136k followers).

From 2009 she first started blogging and to eventually become an Internet sensation today. Her influence continues to grow among 12-18 year-olds.

Online Influencers and Products

Zoella’s manager at Gleam Futures, Dominic Smales, said that audiences had “a kind of tangible relationship with the talent.”

He said, “They’ve always known them on a two-way platform. It’s a much more engaged relationship than what Nicole Scherzinger will have with her three million followers.”

However, this relationship relies on trust from vlogger and viewer, which is sometimes called into question when products are being reviewed.

Some companies pay influencers large sums of money to promote their product. Therefore reviews are biased in the brand’s favor.

This has led to a call for all digital influencers to disclose paid for endorsements on their posts, to comply with international guidelines.

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