TikTok and Temu Withdraw Hazardous Heaters Following Safety Concerns

February 9, 2024 - Reading time: 2 minutes

In a decisive move to prioritize consumer safety, popular online shopping platforms TikTok and Temu have recently withdrawn a range of low-cost electric heaters from their offerings. This action comes in the wake of a critical report by the consumer watchdog Which?, revealing that several of these budget-friendly heating devices present a severe risk of explosion or could potentially ignite house fires.

The investigation by Which? scrutinized eight electric heaters, identifying that the majority failed to comply with UK safety regulations. The most affordable model among these was priced at just £7.20. Alarmingly, some of the heaters had been actively promoted by influencers on TikTok, further amplifying the reach and potential impact of these unsafe products.

Both TikTok and Temu have publicly affirmed their commitment to customer safety, resulting in the prompt removal of the implicated items from their sales platforms. However, Which? has raised concerns that similar hazardous products have since resurfaced online, indicating a persistent risk to unsuspecting consumers.

The emergence of TikTok and Temu as formidable contenders in the online marketplace realm, rivaling giants such as Amazon and eBay, has significantly broadened the spectrum of shopping options available to millions of UK consumers. This expansion, however, has spotlighted the need for stricter regulation to safeguard against the sale of dangerous goods.

Highlighting the findings, Sue Davies, head of consumer protection policy at Which?, stressed the urgent need for enhanced legal obligations for online marketplaces. This reform would ensure a more proactive stance in preventing the distribution of unsafe products, safeguarding consumers from potentially life-threatening hazards.

The report also sheds light on the influential role of social media influencers in marketing these risky heaters. With TikTok Shop seamlessly integrated into the platform's ecosystem, influencers' promotions have directly contributed to the visibility and appeal of these products. Electrical Safety First's chief executive, Lesley Rudd, has called on influencers to recognize their "moral duty" in promoting only safe products, amidst acknowledgment that current regulatory measures are insufficient to tackle the challenges posed by the evolving landscape of online retail.

In response to Which?'s findings, both Temu and TikTok have reiterated their dedication to consumer safety, with Temu expressing regret over any distress caused by the products in question. TikTok also highlighted its policy enforcement actions, underscoring the removal of non-compliant sellers or products.

As the digital marketplace continues to grow, the incident underscores a pivotal moment for online shopping, emphasizing the critical importance of vigilant regulatory practices and responsible promotion to ensure consumer safety and trust.

Darren Stephenson

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