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October 14, 2016 - Reading time: 4 minutes

Feeling blue? That’s because you’re not eating enough yellow, which apparently makes you happier, according to a study commissioned by The Happy Egg Co., psychological researchers at the Mindlab.

The Study: Colour and Cheerfulness

The study found that yellow food uplifts  mood with the following scoring highly: bananas (52 percent), egg yolks (51 percent) followed by pineapples, cheese and lemon.

The study examined the response time of 1,000 people when answering questions about food colors and happiness. It discovered that 70 percent of British people link yellow with feelings of cheerfulness.

61 percent said omelets were the top “happy” food, followed by macaroni cheese.

The reason yellow scored so positively may be because of happy associations of yellow formed when young, especially: sun, warmth and beaches.

Red and brown foods scored second and third place. Blue foods were the least favorite, scoring at the bottom due to association with sadness.

How does a Neuropsychologist Explain Results?

Dr David Lewis said, “The research revealed that 30 percent more people associate yellow with happiness than the other colors tested and 62 percent of us want to see more yellow in our fridge.”

Yellow stimulated the left side of a person’s brain that is linked to logic and mental activity, making one appear happier.

Trend for Colorful Food

The study legitimizes why the trend for colorful food peeked earlier this year with Rainbow Beigels at London’s Beigel Shop in Brick Lane, which originated in New York.

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The trend started after Kim Kardashian’s friend, Jonathan Cheban, took a Snapchat photo of himself with the colorful bagel.

Another favorite is rainbow cake, sold in various bakeries such as: Hummingbird Bakery, Stick With Me and Fat Witch Bakery.

Other colored sugary delights include: macaroons, Skittles and Smarties.

Eat Colorful but Natural Food to be Happy

Even though colorful food can uplift your mood, there have been health and safety issues concerning dye, that is in many everyday products: shampoo, lip balm, moisturizer, soap, toothpaste, vitamins, not to mention sugary sweets.

Some have even claimed that products containing artificial colors are toxic, carcinogens and contribute to ADHD.

This has led to a booming market in natural, organic foods and products that claim to steer away from dyes.

The best way to enjoy colorful food is to eat natural foods like: bananas, pineapples and cheese.

Do you think that eating yellow foods has improved your mood?

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