NY Jogger Karina Vetrano Found Dead by Father; $2,500 Reward Offered - Dispatch Weekly

August 4, 2016 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Hours after 30 year-old jogger Karina Vetrano was reported missing after jogging in Gateway National Park in NY on Tuesday evening, her father, Philip, a retired firefighter, found her body hidden in the mashes.

Detectives discovered evidence of sexual abuse due to her sports bra being mishandled. Strangulation was also suspected.

Inhabitants who lived near the bike path told reporters that “hobos and bums” hung around the area.

She was found face down in the ground in woods where she was thought to have been dragged off a bike path.

At present authorities are trying to determine if the incident was predetermined or random. Surveillance and video footage is being sifted through for any evidence.

A $2,500 is being offered for any information regarding the killer. Howard Beach, New York remains relatively safe until this point. Authorities are warning residents to be cautious.

Vetrano was a caterer and speech therapist and an aspiring writer. On her Instagram @Karina.Vee she shared photos of herself jogging, posing and stretching.

She also made online entries about her worries and struggles. Death was one of her preoccupations as she wrote, “Have you ever found solace in the thought of dying? Not in a suicidal way, it’s just…”

Her online blog shared her thoughts on death: “I’m sure a bit disturbing maybe, but I’ve done it ever since I was a little girl in order to cope with feeling alone at times in this downright scary world. And it always calms me down.”

She went on to say, “It helps me realise that all these stupid little events that happen, that I think are so catastrophic and meaningful aren’t so at all. And that in the big picture of life, it’s only the good stuff that will be accounted for.”

Once the news went on social media, tributes poured from real and virtual friends, making their condolences.

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