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February 4, 2022 - Reading time: 15 minutes

This is a review of the Mirider one folding electric bike which is a new model of electric bikes with a relatively affordable price. It has some interesting features like its easy folding ability, which means that you can take the bike with you on the train or bus, and its battery life which can go up to 20 miles per charge. 

Folding bikes are structurally strong, and crafted to be durable. They do not break easily unless you’ve placed too much weight on them.

The Mirider One folding electric bike was designed to provide smooth and powerful performance while maintaining the utmost in style and practicality.

Where are MiRiDER bikes made?

MiRiDER One is assembled on their UK production line by skilled technician’s hand assemble, and sign off, every bike they build. According to MiRiDER One website, there is an well experienced management team:

Mark Higginson Snr
Managing Director

Matt Higginson
Sales Director

Martin Higginson
Marketing Director

Mark Higginson Jr
Purchasing Director

Stephen Alty
Company Manager

Martin Carrier
Active Partner

What’s the Mirider One Folding Electric Bike?

The Mirider One Folding Electric Bike is an innovative new bicycle. It was designed to be lightweight, foldable, and easy to transport. You can load it into the back of your car with ease. The bike also has a powerful motor that helps you go up hills with ease. The Mirider One Folding Electric Bike is a folding electric bike that is designed to fit in your car trunk. It has a battery that can last up to 75 miles on a single charge and it’s very lightweight at just 26 pounds. All the wires are hidden within the frame, so you don’t have to worry about them getting broken or tangled.

The Pros and Cons of the Mirider One Folding Electric Bike

The Mirider One successfully gives you the best of both worlds by combining the efficiency and speed of an electric bike with the convenience and portability of a folding bike. The bike comes in a variety of colours and is made out of lightweight aluminium alloy to make it durable while being easy to fold up for storage or transportation. The handling is responsive, making it easy to tackle any terrain, while the 27-inch tires offer a smooth ride on bumpy paths.

The only downside to this bike is that it doesn’t have any gears or shifters. You can still change speeds by accelerating or decelerating, but you may find yourself riding more slowly at times if you’re not used to pedalling constantly. The pros are the bike is lightweight, easy to assemble, stylish looking, fast, and comes with all the necessary accessories. The cons are that there’s no throttle when you pedal hard, the mileage range is too short for most people, and it’s not suitable for heavier clients.

How far can I ride on a single charge? 

With the MiRiDER One, expect an assisted range of up to 45 miles. The range is dependent on conditions such as rider weight, effort, temperature, tyres pressures etc.

How do you charge a Mirider?

To unfold simply pull down the pedal until it clicks into place. To fold, push the pedal inwards, then lift upwards. Press & hold the power button, on the LCD screen, for 3 seconds to turn the power on. Connect the charger to the port if the LCD screen does not activate.

How do you turn the Mirider light on?

Push and hold the power ON/OFF button to activate the display. The same button is to be pushed and Holding the up arrow on the display turns on the display bikes headlight. Push and hold the same button again to switch this lighting off.

Can Mirider One go uphill?

Folding bikes feature a range of gear inches that are as wide as those of a standard bicycle, so they can definitely ride uphill.

How to choose between different models

Different models of the Mirider One are designed for different purposes. The Tao model is more suitable for people who want a stylish commuter bike. It features a rear cargo rack, integrated headlamp, and front and rear fenders. The Power Plus version is perfect if you want to go off-road or use it on hilly terrain because of the larger tires. For those that want an electric bike that can be folded up easily, the XS can be lifted with one hand which makes it easier to store in the trunk of your car The Mirider One offers three different models that vary in performance and price.

The Mirider One Sport has a maximum speed of 20 mph with a range of 18 miles, the Mirider One Lite has a maximum speed of 16 mph but an extended range of 27 miles, and the luxurious Mirider One Luxe can reach speeds up to 40 mph with a range of 35 miles. If you can’t find a bike that’s right for you, try to break down the different features and requirements. There are a few factors to take into consideration: price, size, weight, speed, range, and power. The cheapest bikes will be steel-framed and heavy with short ranges and low speeds. Mid-priced bikes will be aluminium-framed with lighter frames and a better range or motors. Higher-end models will be carbon fibre with higher speeds and longer ranges.

Mirider One control system

The MiRiDER One boasts the latest sine-wave controller, providing a ride that feels smooth, responsive and powerful every time. Once more, we have also included a thumb throttle which provides electric assistance up to 4 mph (when not being pedaled) and doubles up as a boost button up to speeds of 15.5 mph (when being pedaled) for those steep hills or windy days.

Why you should buy the Mirider One Folding Electric Bike

The Mirider One folding electric bike is a foldable, powerful, and stylish ride. It’s a great option for commuters who need to get from point A to B without being too sweaty or too self-conscious. The bike can tackle hills with ease after a few minutes of practice on the throttle. Also, the seat is more comfortable than most bikes with an upright handlebar position, which makes it easy to stand up while riding. The only downside to this bike is that it doesn’t come with a rack, so you will have to carry your belongings in some other manner. 

What is the lightest folding electric bike?

The world’s lightest folding electric bike is called “The One” and weighs in at a paltry 12.5kg. A product of the Swiss manufacturer United City Bikes, this bike features a single tube frame, scaled-down 16” wheels, a 250-watt hub motor that weighs just 2kg.

The Mirider One Folding Electric Bike is a versatile, safe, and fun to ride transportation option. It can be used by anyone from a five-year-old to a seventy-year-old, and the assembly process is fairly straightforward. The company offers a generous one-year warranty on all parts which will cover any manufacturing errors or defects. The Mirider One has a sleek design and portability, which makes it extremely convenient to take on long commutes. The bike is lightweight and made from durable material, so it will last a long time. It also has a strong lithium-ion battery that can easily travel for more than 20 miles without charging. In addition to the electric bike, this set also includes a charger and four wheels used for stability.

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