Litfad is a scammy Chinese company still trading in Europe, UK and US

March 17, 2022 - Reading time: 12 minutes has been in business for over 10 years and has been established as an unreliable and cheap seller. Their lamps are made using PC (Polycarbonate) and they primarily use 3D rendering software to display their products online. In some countries, digitally produced images are considered illegal for distant or online selling. is a trading name for Mayer HK Limited incorporated in Hong Kong with company number 2034912. In the UK, it is breaking a few consumer laws for distance selling:

  •     display clearly how customers can pay and include delivery options and costs
  •     take reasonable steps to let customers correct errors in their order
  •     give your email address
  •     give the cost of using phone lines or other communication to complete the contract where it will cost more than the basic rate
  •     give a description of your goods, services or digital content – include as much information as you can

Trustpilot poor score

Litfad has currently 1.3 stars over 5 on Trustpilot. It has over 200 reviews from desperate customers that have wasted time and money on Litfad products.

from Tom Ryan: “There were long delays in it getting to me, but when it did finally arrive, the quality was incredibly poor. The light is made of three pieces that don’t fit together. The light is built like a middle-school technology project. “

from John Burbidge: “You receive a cheap imitation unusable and not worth the high price. They ship from China so if you are not happy with the item. It will cost you an extortionate amount in return cost which you are liable for unless damaged. The product also took ages to send. Had to go through PayPal to refund and they said I would be liable for shipping under their policy but according to the law in the UK if the item was received damaged as it was.

from Melissa: “Horrible customer service and product. They shipped me lights completely different metal colour than pictured and cheap clear plastic finishing (that was not in the picture) and will not take a return. They offered me a 20% discount to keep the faulty merchandise and that is it…. Can’t believe it’s a total scam and they literally won’t even let me return the product.

from Sarah Sutton: “I ordered a light that with d shipping came to over £500.00. It arrived within 4 weeks and when I opened the box it was not at all what I had purchased. It was supposed to be gold but turned out to be orange copper and was plastic and rubbish. After 5 emails they refused to send me the return address and just kept offering me a discount on another purchase. In the end, it cost £110 to return and then further charges at customs I think of £30. PayPal decided in my favour and have refunded me the original cost of the light and shipping although it has been my cost to return it.

Is litfad a legitimate company

We know that there are many great products to choose from for your home, but sometimes we don’t pay attention to how our purchases can impact the world. The reality is that cheap Chinese lamps are often made of toxic materials, and that’s something you need to be aware of when purchasing them

What problems have been reported with Chinese lamps?

There have been many reports of Chinese lamps exploding and causing damage to the lamps, the room, and those in the vicinity. There have also been reports of fires started by these lamps. Other problems with the lamps are that they use light-emitting diodes or LEDs that are not as bright as regular bulbs. They also have shorter lifespans than regular bulbs. Finally, it is common for these lamps to break after being used for a short amount of time.

What country is litfad from?

Many people are unaware of the lamp’s country of origin. A lamp from China is not inherently unsafe, but lamps from other countries often provide stricter standards for safety. Countries like UK, US and Europe have more stringent regulations in place to ensure that the products they produce aren’t harmful to humans. China lacks this same level of regulation and it can be difficult to determine whether a product is safe.

Litfad on reddit

It seems like there are numerous complaints about Litfad from Reddit users in the r/Lighting community, ranging from issues with product quality and shipping to customer service problems. Here's a summary of the negative comments:

  1. Scam Accusations: Multiple users have labeled Litfad as a scam, citing experiences where products did not match descriptions or were of extremely low quality.

  2. Product and Fit Issues: Customers reported receiving items that didn't fit standard fixtures, were the wrong size, or had incompatible wiring for their region.

  3. Poor Customer Service: There are accounts of unresponsive or unhelpful customer service, with difficulties in returning products or getting refunds.

  4. High Return Costs: Users who attempted to return items found the process cost-prohibitive due to the need to ship products back to China at their own expense.

  5. Misleading Advertising: Complaints include misleading product sizes (noted in centimeters but perceived as larger from images) and unexpected high shipping costs despite "FREE Shipping" claims.

  6. Quality Concerns: Some users described the items they received as unsafe for use, with one specifically mentioning a product that lacked necessary certifications for use in their country.

  7. Refund and Dispute Issues: Several users mentioned having to escalate their cases to their bank or PayPal for refunds, with some success in getting their money back through disputes.

  8. A Few Positive Reviews: Amidst the negative comments, there were a couple of positive experiences mentioned, highlighting that not all transactions with Litfad were problematic.

How to stop Litfad scam and get your money back

If you have been scammed by Litfad here are some actions you can take:

  • If you have purchased your item using paypal, you can open a case with them, they are usually on your side.
  • Go on trust pilot to leave a one star review
  • Leave a negative review on Google to impact their search rankings
  • Leave a negative review on reddit to make other people aware
  • If you have a youtube account record a video
  • If you are in Europe or UK you might be able to get some money back from your credit card provider.
  • Contact the authorities in the UK you can contact action fraud:

How to get a full refund from Litfad

Getting a full refund from Litfad, or any online retailer where you've encountered issues, can be challenging but not impossible. Here are steps you can take based on the experiences shared by others and general best practices for online shopping disputes:

  1. Contact Customer Service Immediately: As soon as you notice a problem with your order (e.g., product quality issues, incorrect item, etc.), contact Litfad's customer service. Provide a detailed description of the issue and include photos or other evidence to support your claim. Be clear and concise in your communication, stating that you want a full refund.

  2. Review the Return Policy: Familiarize yourself with Litfad's return policy to understand the terms and conditions. Knowing their policy can help you argue your case more effectively, especially if you believe Litfad is not honoring their stated policy.

  3. Use Written Communication: Handle all communications via email or through their customer service portal. Having a written record of all interactions is crucial if you need to escalate your case.

  4. Request a Prepaid Return Label: If returning an item, ask for a prepaid return label. Some complaints have mentioned the high cost of returns; a prepaid label can alleviate this issue.

  5. Escalate Within the Company: If the initial customer service response is unsatisfactory, ask to escalate your case to a supervisor or manager. Sometimes, higher-level officials may have more authority to resolve your issue.

  6. Dispute the Charge with Your Payment Provider: If Litfad is unresponsive or refuses to issue a refund, contact your credit card company or bank to dispute the charge. Be prepared to provide evidence of your attempts to resolve the issue with the retailer and any documentation that supports your claim (e.g., correspondence, product photos, return policy).

  7. File a Complaint with Consumer Protection Agencies: In some cases, filing a complaint with consumer protection agencies like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or your country's consumer protection office can add pressure on the company to resolve your issue.

  8. Use Social Media Cautiously: While posting on social media can sometimes get a company's attention, it's essential to be factual and avoid defamatory statements. Some companies may be more willing to resolve public complaints to protect their reputation.

  9. Consider Legal Advice: For significant issues or high-value items, consulting with a consumer rights attorney can provide guidance on your next steps. This is usually a last resort due to the costs involved.

  10. Learn from the Experience: Regardless of the outcome, consider this experience when shopping online in the future. Look for reviews of sites and sellers before purchasing, and use payment methods that offer strong buyer protection.

Remember, persistence is key. Maintaining a calm, professional demeanor in all communications can help you navigate the process more smoothly.

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