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August 11, 2016 - Reading time: 5 minutes

Jenna Marbles (@JennaMarbles, 16m followers) and Sprinkle of Glitter (@Sprinkleofglitter, 2.5 m followers) are holding an exclusive q & a session on Monday August 15 from 2:00-3:00pm in Central London for fans.

For your chance to win a ticket, you must fill in a quick form with your details, before a selection is made for 50 lucky fans.

Jenna Marbles

In case you need reminding, Jenna Marbles, 29 is known for capturing awkward, yet hilarious moments on video, from, her ‘100 layers’ video (a trend challenging women to coat themselves in 100 layers of a beauty product) to baring all on her ‘What Disney Movies Taught Me.’

Her brash, yet honest take on her life, has garnered an avid audience. Her most subscribed channel is her YouTube account (@JennaMarbles, 16m followers), followed by her Instagram (@jennamarbles, 4m followers) , Twitter (@Jenna_Marbles, 4m followers) and Facebook (@jennamarbles, 2m followers) accounts.

It all started with her no-holds barred, funny take on putting on makeup whilst drunk which exploded and became viral overnight.

Jenna Mourey aka Jenna Marbles is a self-taught YouTube vlogger who is one of the most popular YouTubers, being viewed at more than billion times.

Her videos feature her two dogs, Kermit, an Italian greyhound and Mr Marbles, (named after a ventriloquist dummy in a Seinfeld episode), a Chihuahua. Her dogs are becoming stars in their own right.

Although her posts are zany and light-hearted, she graduated from Suffolk University in Boston, MA with a bachelors degree. She also has a master’s degree from Boston University in sport psychology and counselling.

A little known fact is that after her Masters in the summer, she was earning her living by bartending, working at a tanning salon and go-go dancing at a nightclub. However, she somehow still managed to fit in time for blogging, showing a hard work ethic.

It is estimated that her net worth is $2.5 m and rising. She has enjoyed her success by moving into her $1.1m Santa Monica town house and shooting videos at this location.

She has more than one billion followers. Some insiders have credited the rise in influencers and YouTube stars popularity due to the fact they are more relatable than real life celebrities who do not seek interaction with fans.

YouTubers such as Jenna Marbles, 29 and Sprinkle of Glitter (@Sprinkleofglitter), 31 are shaking up the advertising industry, becoming real influencers when they showcase and review brands.

Jenna Marbles’ fans are known to take her life very seriously. When she broke up with her boyfriend Max there was an outcry online, with commenters showcasing genuine worry.

However, as social media has increased, there have been concerns over the effects on health, citing: addiction, mental health issues and fatigue.

However, in 2014, according to GlobalWebIndex, two out of three internet users (65 percent) have watched a vlog, and more than two in five internet users (42 percent) have watched a vlog within the last month.

This indicates vloggers like Jenna Marbles and Sprinkle of Glitter will expand, shaping out a different landscape of influencers and also changing the way we watch videos.

It is perhaps encouraging for aspiring vlogging stars that with a YouTube account, a little creativity and an Internet connection, it’s now possible to run a mini empire.

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