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September 30, 2022 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Fratelli d’Italia Giorgia Meloni, the leader of Italy’s far-right party Fratelli d’Italia, has been elected as the country’s next prime minister. This marks a major shift in Italian politics, as the far right has not been in power since World War II. The result is a huge blow to the European Union, which has been grappling with a series of anti-establishment populist movements in recent years.

Meloni is a controversial figure, and her election has been met with both praise and criticism. Some see her as a strong leader who will stand up for Italy’s interests, while others view her as a dangerous extremist.

There is no doubt that Meloni and her party will be a force to be reckoned with in Italian politics. It remains to be seen how she will govern, and what effect her policies will have on the country.

The National Election and its Aftermath

In Italy, a party with neo-fascist roots has won the most votes in the national election, setting the stage for talks to form the country’s first far right-led government since World War II. Giorgia Meloni, who leads the party, is set to become Italy’s first female premier.

The election results are a blow to the traditional parties that have dominated Italian politics for decades. The anti-establishment Five Star Movement, which came in second, has also seen its support erode.

The far-right League and its allies won more than 50% of the vote, and while they fell just short of an absolute majority in Parliament, they are well positioned to form a government.

The election was shaped by anger over economic stagnation, high unemployment, and concerns about immigration. Italy has been on the front lines of Europe’s migrant crisis, and the issue played a major role in the campaign.

The League ran on a fiercely anti-immigrant platform, pledging to deport hundreds of thousands of migrants and close all Italy’s ports to new arrivals. It also tapped into fears about crime, promising to crack down on illegal immigrants and “restore law

What a Far Right Government in Italy Might Mean

The rise of the far right in Italy has worrying implications for the future of the country. If Giorgia Meloni becomes prime minister, it would be the first time since World War II that a far-right party has led the government. This could lead to a rollback of civil rights and an increase in xenophobic and racist rhetoric. It is also possible that a Far-Right government would pursue more aggressive policies toward immigrants and minorities. Given the current political climate in Europe, this is a very real possibility that Italians need to be prepared for.

Soon after Giorgia Meloni’s landslide win in Italy’s election, members of the Rainbow Families association of same-sex parents joined a heated email chain about the potential impact of the incoming right-wing government.  

With Giorgia Meloni as the first female premier, it is evident that this party is willing to do whatever it takes to gain power, even if it means sacrificing the safety and well-being of its people. We can only hope that other countries will not follow suit and that Italy will soon return to a state of democracy and peace.

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