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January 10, 2023 - Reading time: 3 minutes

​According to the White House, the US ​Justice Department is looking at confidential documents that were discovered in President Joe Biden’s former ​private ​office at a think tank.

According to Mr. Biden’s legal team, about 10 of the documents were found in a locked closet at the Penn Biden Center in Washington in November.

The National Archives has received the batch.

Donald Trump, Mr. Biden’s predecessor, is ​also ​being investigated for moving sensitive documents to Florida after leaving office.

The investigation into the sensitive materials discovered at the Penn Biden Center is reportedly involving the FBI, and US Attorney General Merrick Garland has been asked to evaluate the documents, according to ​media organisation ​CBS News.

According to Mr. Biden’s attorney, the​ documents​ pertain to the time when he served as Vice President. However, it’s unknown what the documents ​relate to, how classified they are, or why they were placed there.

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, the batch was housed in a folder with other unclassified files and did not include nuclear secrets.

The files were found right before the midterm elections by Biden attorneys who were cleaning out the office space, according to Richard Sauber, special counsel to President Biden, who ​released ​a statement  on Monday.

From 2017 through 2020, Mr. Biden had a desk at the think tank, which is a mile away from the White House.

According to Mr. Sauber​: ​”Since that discovery [of the documents], the ​President’s personal counsel have cooperated with the [National] Archives and the Department of Justice in a process to guarantee that any materials from the Obama-Biden Administration are properly in the Archives’ control.”

His comments did not address why the discovery, which was made soon before the midterm elections, was not made public for two months.

On CBS in September, President Biden was asked to comment on a picture of the papers found at Mr. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

How could somebody be that careless, the Pr​esident ​said.

On Monday, Mr. Trump responded on his social media platform Truth Social, wondering when the FBI would raid Joe Biden​​’s numerous residences, possibly even the White House.

For reportedly refusing to turn over roughly 300 secret materials that he took to Mar-a-Lago after leaving office, Mr. Trump is under investigation. In one case, the authorities received a tip from the National Archives.

The Biden files were uncovered just before the Justice Department indicated that it would choose whether to charge Mr. Trump criminally for the materials recovered at his golf club.

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