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February 20, 2018 - Reading time: 3 minutes

  A unique microphone Mikme is not a usual microphone, it’s displays and features are unique. In addition, this little guy is able to record a studio-quality sound and it weights only 162g. This device gives you the opportunity to have a recording studio in your pocket. This could be useful to everyone who wants to record some sounds, it is designed for professionals or amateur. In other words, the microphone can fit anyone who makes sound a priority in the creation process.




The new friend of podcasters

The first argument of the Mikme sound recorder is its portability. Mikme is a wireless device powered by Bluetooth 2.1. This means you can record the sound without the usual microphones which are pretty bulky and expensive. This mobility is a relief for the video makers and especially for podcasters who are able to record the sounds of their talks, show or studies everywhere and easily.

The second strength of this product is its battery life. “Battery powered operation time while recording with Bluetooth up to 3.5 hours” says the company. This could lead podcasters to record and make more videos and project outside, with more actions. The recorder is only 70 mm x 73 mm x 35 mm according to their website and can be carried in a pocket or by hand. “Just the two” as they said, with Mikme you are able to “Cut the costs and cords” and all you need is an iOS 9 minimum device and a Mikme microphone.

The video and the sounds are directly synchronized in the iOS app. A bad news for Android users who unfortunately can’t use the device right now.


A studio quality sound

Record sounds like if you were in a studio with professional equipment, everywhere, anytime. It pushes the standards of a portable microphone with the 1-inch gold plated true condenser capsule inside of it. This capsule is the hearth of the device; it allows users to record a 24 bit/ 96 kHz studio-grade sound.

Moreover, if you are wondering about the storage volume: Mikme includes a 16Gb of storage. This permit you to “Store up to 360 hours of high fidelity audio”.

The price of the machine is justified by the quality of the materials used and its portable dimension. To conclude, Mikme could be the new secret weapon for bloggers and podcasters with the three first requirements to exercise those activities: Portability, quality, and simplicity. This microphone tends to be more connected in the future if it follows the actual trends of the “Internet of things“.








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