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November 29, 2017 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Visual content is very much the name of the game when it comes to marketing, with videos, infographics and images leading the pack. However there is another type of content that you may not have considered using in your content marketing campaign: Slideshows.

To be entirely honest there are several compelling reasons why slideshows should be part and parcel of every business content marketing campaign:

  • Easy to create

Compared to other types of visual content, slideshows are relatively easy to create. While that doesn’t mean that you should slap together and publish a slideshow in a matter of minutes, even a solid and professional-looking slideshow is likely to take just a day at most to plan and create – which is far less than most other types of visual content. Additionally the costs of creating slideshows are lower, as they require less logistics in most cases.

  • Slideshows are popular

Generally slideshows are a popular form of content and are often used in presentations or pitches. In content marketing terms however they are more popular than you may suspect, with platforms such as SlideShare attracting over 60 million visitors each month. Add to that the popularity of slideshows that are published as videos on YouTube, Facebook and other platforms, and it should be evident that this is a form of content you can’t afford to ignore.

  • Effective at conveying information

In some ways slideshows occupy a middle ground between images and videos in terms of how effectively they can convey information. Like images their visual nature allows them to ‘show’ concepts and actions, and like videos they are able to incorporate dynamic audiovisual content to more effectively put their points across. Simply put slideshows are versatile, and able to convey information in the best method on a case by case basis.

Based on these reasons you should have a solid grasp of the advantages that slideshows can provide if you were to incorporate them in your business content marketing campaign. Ideally it should be used alongside other types of content, to help provide an easy yet effective and popular type of content that you can distribute and share online.

Of course before you can incorporate slideshows in your content marketing, you first need to create them – and for that you should try Movavi Slideshow Maker. It is a simple yet highly effective photo slideshow maker that will let you add images as slides as well as videos, and polish it with background music, animated transitions, and other audiovisual elements.

Not only will Movavi Slideshow Maker provide you with a versatile set of features, but it also includes an ‘Easy mode’ wizard that can help you to quickly create basic slideshows. Although you may not want to use this for the slideshows that you use for content marketing, being able to create simple slideshows in a short span of time can help – if you ever need to produce content on a deadline.

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